People Management

iDropHR was design to streamline repetitive manual process, by building your own custom Workflows saving you time and empower employees to work smarter. All your employee data is centralised in one place. Instant access to your employment details and an up-to-date employee profile. With just a tap or a click, you can find and edit employee records, track and tackle absences, and discover insights about your workforce.

Data entry

Take advantage of our many features and streamline data entry task to increase productivity.

Employee Self-Service

The Employee Self Service module is designed to empower employees by providing them with access to some of their HR data, whilst still keeping control of their records as a whole.

Employees can access online Payslips, own personal details, request holidays, submit training applications, banking information, benefits,Time and Attendance data using their unique login details.

through a simple Internet browser interface, through your company's Intranet. Employee Self Service enables employees to update some of their own personal details directly into the HR system, or submit holiday requests and expenses claim online. Employees can also access the latest company announcements, the company suggestion wall on their dashboard. Empowerment to employee.

Empower your managers and employees to take ownership of their details and what goes on within the organisation. Management can spend less time on admin and more time on being strategic and delivering value

Time & Attendance

Flexible multiple clock-in and clock-out function. This module enables management to keep track of staff lateness and hours worked. It is efficient and easy to create and manage multiple timesheets, route for approval and check how employees spend their time and to monitor productivity.

Time-off Management

IDropHR instantly shows you the smartest way to monitor and manage all kind of leave from employee time-off, sick leave, to maternity or parental leave from your dashboard and calendar. Staff can request and track all types of leave. An easy approval process for the Management Team. Knowing who is off can help management deploy the right resources.

Recruitment and On-boarding

Streamline your entire recruitment process, from posting vacancies online to making job offers. You can accept online applications from your own website, or post vacancies directly to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and any online Job Board. Effective onboarding of your employees plays a crucial role in your talent management and retention strategy. This module engages new hire, aids compliance and streamlines the induction processes, central administration, online support to engage and connect to your brand to enabling them to contribute more quickly.

Business Intelligence

Our powerful reporting and analytic tools is designed to help you capture attention and give you an insight of your organisation.

A flexible tool to use to create reports. Filter reports to access real-time business intelligent reports to harness your data to make smarter decisions of your organisation.

Payroll Management

Run Payroll at ease. Smooth interface, easy to manage and customised, reliable, performance driven and is fully supported by our expert managed service team.

Task Management

Keep on top of your HR with our real-time dashboard. To save you time the Task Management tool gives you ultimate control over all your to-do list. By enabling you to delegate tasks and collaborate and connect with your Team. Timely reminders and notifications keep your to-do list organised and manageable. Synchronise your Task Management tool calendar with your favourite Google Calendar, to receive updates in real-time using ICAL, meaning they'll never be missing an important date.