Powerful Configuration

Ease in Configuration

Once you have sign-up for iDropHR trial account & you need to configure application. it usually takes 10-20 minutes to configure whole system. Yes, less than half an hour. So start using iDropHR same day, when you sign-up for an account.

All the configurations are placed at one place, no need to go here & there. We have designed the system in such a way that it takes minimum clicks from you & perform maximum operations. On your first login, Application Setup Info helps you to complete the basic requirements & shows application setup percentage.

Powerful Configuration Option

iDropHR configuration option enables you to set the application as per your use. These are global options and based on these options, iDropHR works on different modules. These configuration option is available by default to System Administrator & can be made available by enabling permission to different roles. By these options, you can define multiple roles to manage this application, can set different permissions for these roles. iDropHR allows user to perform actions based on these permissions.

You can also define multiple office shifts which can be assigned to your employees. Employees can mark multiple clock-in & clock-out in a day. Mail configuration can be set here which allows you to send emails from iDropHR App.

Multiple Roles & Permissions

You need to limit some features to some of your users, you can easily do it with iDropHR. Define multiple roles and assign separated permissions for them. You user will only perform those actions which you want them to perform. Add as many as roles you want in your organization & assign different permissions.

iDropHR logs each & every activity performed on it, which is accessible to the users. This helps to know what your employees are doing on iDropHR. You can always send configuration request to our customer support by sending an email or by using the feature of live chat. We will be happy to assist you.