Multiple Shifts & Attendance Log

Multiple Attendance Log

Another unique feature of iDropHR is that an employee can clock-in & clock-out multiple times during his working hours. This becomes useful when company offers rest time for their employees. You employee can request time off multiple times during office hours. You need not to perform any calculation for this multiple clock-in & clock-out. iDropHR performs all the actions and shows tabular as well as graphical reports for better analysis.

Beside this, iDropHR provides a feature of automatic clock-in & clock-out during authentication. Once this feature is enabled, an employee is automatically marked clock-in when he login into the sytem & marked clock-out when he logout from the system.

Update Attendance Log

Your employee forget to clock-in into the system or system takes wrong clock-in / clock-out time or there is power cut in your office premise and no one able to clock-in / clock-out. Nothing to worry. iDropHR do care for all these situations. All you need to do is update attendance by simply putting clock-in / clock-out time. If entered clock-in / clock-out time is correct, iDropHR stores this time and generates reports based on updated time. You can also delete attendance log, if required.

Attendance Report

The beautiful graphical reports can help you to identify who is working & how much. The tabular & graphical reports may helpful in analyzing your employee's performance. All the reports show in-time, out-time, late coming, early leaving, total rest, total working, overtime records based on attendance log.

You can check attendance log for a particular date, or for a month period. You can get summarized report of all the employees or for selected employee.